Fairfield State Park


Fishing, mountain biking and good friends in East Texas.

I have started to see an on-going trend with my weekend excursions: I have to go to the hospital or doctor afterwards. I’ll get to that later.

This trip started like all the others, preparing for the apocalypse. You’ve got all this gear accumulated from previous years and now the job takes up most of your time. Gotta put it all to use! The taco was packed to the brim, mountain bikes, fishing poles and tackle, food, beer and three hearty gentlemen.

True code of weekend warriors require a late start Friday night and that’s what we did. Post traffic, we hit the road and made our way south. Two hours and a Whataburger, no wait a carwash, taco bell pass by to Taco Cabana we found ourselves at Fairfield State Park with two other friends reminiscing on previous trips, not publicly displaying consumption of alcohol, and enjoying the sounds of rednecks.

Morning provided us with entertainment from a nighttime wonder – a 40lb raccoon decimated 2lbs of fresh venison sausage and about 16 eggs. I can only image that raccoon slept well. Early rise to fish was plentiful Bluegill Tilapia. Breakfast tacos commenced and more fishing followed.

Early afternoon we headed out on Mountain Bikes to see what the trails had to offer. Weather was mucky and the trails were still wet from the weeks rain storms. Making our way around all the trails, we were heading back to the campsite and I took a fall. I don’t remember exactly what happened. I just remember getting off the ground. From other accounts, I just lawn darted over the handle bars and used my face as a way to break my fall. Broke my helmet and rode out. I remember everything after that.

Evening fishing was not as promising as the morning. Still caught a couple, but didn’t keep them. They were filled and ready to fry up for an appetizer, quite tasty. I stayed awake as long as I could and but crashed before everyone else. Later on into the night, our furry 40lb friend returned for round two. We were prepared this time.

Morning stuck and the poles came out again. We fished all morning and into the afternoon without too much luck.

Overall, a decent trip. Except for the concussion. Neurologist provided me with lookouts for any increased brain damage.

This was a great place for a quick weekend get away, very few people were there.

Bait: worms


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