Funky Town MonsterX

Trip Date: February 08, 2014

A hop skip jump away to Fort Worth.

Flippin’ awesome. I wish I would have found this group of people 3 years ago when I moved back to Dallas. The Spinistry, a group of cycling enthusiasts who put on great rides for all practices. I had a great time exploring the trails in Fort Worth with my cycling companion Joel. I learned a lot about Joel on this day, he has lived all around the U.S., loves Texas and loves riding his bike. One memorable event was towards the end of our ride… The wind was howling and we were getting smoked by all the riders on super light weight aluminum bikes, we have steel. So we varied from the course to cut the wind. To our surprise, there was a train blocking our route. Whilst the train stationary, we scurried underneath the first train, then over the next parked trail. Thankfully the train did not move and our destination was pretty close from there. Here is a link for more info on the course we rode (sans train crossing).

Mileage: ~ 48.5 miles

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