Brave Brush


Increase participation of future donors by partnering with an existing brand. Use that brand’s base to create awareness, but also reduce fear of participation.


The choice to partner with Oral-B was a 2-factor decision. 1: The application process involves putting something in your mouth, which is a similar motion as brushing your teeth. 2: It is something that everyone can do.

Young Glory

The Young Glory competition is a worldwide competition for young creatives under 30. This was a group project done with several team members over the course of a month.


Candidate Process:

  1. Scan the unique barcode, with their amazon app, to associate their swab kit with their information.
  2. Then, more information is provided regarding the process associated with donating bone marrow. Intending to reduce anxiety or drop out rate.
  3. Using their Amazon information, consumers agree to terms and submit information.
  4. Consumer mails the brush swab to Delete Blood Cancer.
  5. Amazon sends a replacement brush for their commitment.
  6. Delete Blood Cancer gets information and sends the donation kit to the address.